Top 15 Award Winning Innovative Sex Toys

When Miley Cyrus was reportedly pictured with her “Adonis Hand” sex toy, it caused quite a stir. We bet she loved it. But was it really that shocking?

Everybody loves awards. Hollywood has the Oscars. And, not to be outdone by the mainstream entertainment business, the adult entertainment business has the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards and the XBiz awards. Usually held in places like the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, these awards are over the top, in your face events that celebrate adult movies, adult movie stars and even adult toys.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan and GQ often run best sex toy lists, and websites like good old Ask Men often wade in with their recommendations for guys.

When you think adult toys, you might think of strange men in raincoats slinking into seedy shops. Well, yes. But sex toys have an almost mainstream side as well. Witness the sight of Kris Jenner in an award winning adult shop, resplendent in a black leather mask, being led on a leash by nearly-ex Bruce Jenner, and you get the idea (more of that later). Here are 15 kinky, award winning sex toys, most of which won’t break the bank.

15. Roxxy

Some say she cost a cool $1 million to develop. Roxxy is not your ordinary sex doll. The first “sexbot”, she made her debut at the the AVN awards in 2010. She has a mechanical skeleton, is capable of holding your hand, and can even be plugged into and programmed on a laptop or WiFi. And there’s even some “limited” conversation thrown in. Of course, her inventor and developer, Douglas Hines, says the sex thing is not the real point. What is the “real point”? Well Hines’ company TrueCompanion, says that she was developed as a companion for the elderly. Sure. The price tag? She is a Reportedly $10,000 doll.

14. The Liberator 

A winner at the adult Novelty Expo in 2013, Liberator manufactures sex furniture. You name it. Wedges, chaises and even pillow mounts for toys. Their website promises a design that will work with your natural body shape to intensify your pleasurable sensations. It supports, it lifts and it provides stability. Going on the road? There are travel kits. Don’t ask. Starting at around $100 for a simple wedge, the fancier items (like the Zeppelin Lounger) cost hundreds of dollars. Check out their erotic art and neat little line of kinky cuffs.

13. Insignia Line by LELO

LELO won the AVN’s Best Product Line for Women in 2013, as well as the XBiz Award for Best Lux Toy Line. Their main thing is a cordless, waterproof vibrator for women. The Oden 2 is for couples and Lyla 2 has a remote control. Remote control? They also do Kegel exercise friendly Smart Beads (Pleasure Personal Trainer) for women. LELO was founded in Sweden, but now has offices all over the world. They also carry a range of bedroom accessory toys, like the Tantra Feather Teaser and lingerie. All, as you might assume, are very high end.

12. Adam & Eve

A sex toy superstore, Adam & Eve claim over 7.4 million “satisfied” customers. In 2013, they were voted Best Large Chain by the AVN’s. They stock everything from Orgasm Kits, to sex toys, adult movies, lingerie, lubes and “position aids”, such as the Fantasy Door Swing. Use your imagination. Shop online (discreet shipping) or in one of their retail stores. You can even chat with the models online. Make sure to bring your credit card. And check out their “official” Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, including the “Totally His Cuffs” and the “Spank Me Please Ruler”.

11. Fleshlight

Fleshlight, for the guys, is a range of best selling “fits like a gloove” gizmo that resembles a vibrating flashlight. In 2014, both AVN and XBiz fell all over themselves giving these people awards, including Best Product Line and Male Sex Toy of the Year. Ask Men also dubbed it the Best Male Sex Toy. In a marketing coup for Fleshlights, female adult stars such as Nina Hartley and blonde bombshell Jenna Jameson, have Fleshlights “modeled” on their bodies. Let your imagination run riot on that one. And check out the smart phone app LaunchPAD. It has to be seen to be believed.

10. Little Gold Vibe and Little Platinum Eternity by Jimmyjane

Supposedly, Jimmyjane makes the top of the line sex toys, so basically the Lamborghini of vibrators (we wouldn’t really know). Choose from the Little Gold Vibe (apparently favored by model Kate Moss) for $425, or go upmarket big time, and pick up the Little Platinum Eternity (complete with a total of 28 diamonds) for $3,500. Jimmyjane’s Form 2 vibrator (think bunny rabbit) was even chosen as sex toy of the month by Cosmopolitan. Reportedly, Eva Longoria loves her bunny vibrator, and no one is judging.

9. Hello Touch by Jimmyjane

As seen on number 7 on our list, Jimmyjane is certainly on a roll. The idea is actually quite simple. Take a vibrator and make finger size pads that attach to the inside of the fingers. And there you go, you have the Hello Touch sex toy. A real bargain (when compared to many other things on this list), it sells for under $100. Gizmodo raved about it and even said it just might be the best sex toy ever. It was also featured in the UK’s well respected Sunday Times Style Magazine. 

8. Sensuva Sexual Enhancement

Winner of the StorErotica Award for 2014 as Best Sexual Enhancement Company, Sensuva produces the ON range of rub-on lotions and oils that promise heightened performance and pleasure for him and her, including creams for increasing sex drive and arousal. Sensuva says they are dedicated to helping men and women live more passionate lives. But they are a little vague about what’s actually in the stuff beyond “natural botanicals, essential oils, extracts and healthy ingredients.” At least it seems to all be on the natural and healthy side.

7. Ukrainian Musical Condom

The fact that this is no more than unsubstantiated rumor doesn’t deter from the fact, if it doesn’t exist, it should. The story goes something like this: In 2006, Ukrainian scientist Hryhory Chausovsky was said to have come up with a condom that plays music during sex. It involves a miniature loudspeaker embedded in the cuff of the condom. Music volume is dependent on how intense the love-making gets. It has been reported in a number of media outlets, including OhGizmo! We think it would be a nice idea to do seasonal releases for Christmas, New Years, and the 4th of July. 4th of July firework music would be . . . interesting.

6. EGO by Jopen

A 2013 AVN Award winner, EGO is described as a premium silicone couples pleasure ring. Rest easy. It’s rechargeable. Oh, and handcuffs are optional. Jopen also won the Best Product Line for Women in 2014. It’s not very hard to see why. With interesting lines such as Vanity, Envy, and Lust — a mind boggling array of massagers, rings, and oils – it’s quite a playground. Of course, we also thought it might be a good idea to add – no animal testing is conducted on the latter.

 5. Coquette International Lingerie

A proud 2013 AVN winner in the Best Lingerie category, Coquette International gives girls the right pieces to feel sexy. They have everything from sexy baby dolls to French Maid and Bridal costumes. And for the guys, there are lots of  leopard skin and elephant effect thongs. Get it? It’s an “R” rated kind of site. Reasonably priced (we think), with lots of sales and specials. Check out their fun accessories for blindfolds and the like. And check out their selection of board games, like Lust! The Game.

4. Pulse


Described by as a Darth Vader-style helmet vibe for guys, it is billed as the first luxury “guybrator”. When it was officially launched, the UK company ran a tongue in cheek ad, asking for male “Engineers” to test the product. We bet they had lots of takers. With a suggested retail price of $99, it’s a bargain (or is it?). AVN had nothing but great things to say about this one, even earning an outstanding Innovation Award for its advanced “technology”.

3. Baci Lingerie

Think Victoria’s Secret meets sex toy, and you’ve got the Baci vibe down. Debuted at the 2010 International Lingerie Show in, you guessed it, Las Vegas, Baci has gone international with partners across Europe and Australia. It has won an AVN Best Lingerie Award. It is decidedly upmarket, with “collections” – everything from angels, to school girls, and secretaries, together with classic corsets, baby dolls and the like. “Baci” means kiss in Italian. Their photo shoots are staged in Hollywood mansions and classic locations in Europe. We think that makes sense.

2. Fun Factory

The Fun Factory is sometimes called “the Cadillac” of adult toy manufacturers, with a full range of the usual and popular adult toys. A few years back, The Fun Factory teamed up with The Naughty Comedy Show’s Sam Tripoli for a nearly sold-out show/exhibition in LA’s The Viper Room. Their “medically endorsed” (we are not sure what this means) women’s Kegel exercise device, Smartballs, won an XBiz Innovative Sex Toy Award. We are still trying to figure out what is actually innovative about it.

1. The Pleasure Chest


When Kim and Kanye tied the knot, Kris and Bruce Jenner shopped The Pleasure Chest. No word on who they were actually shopping for. With retail locations in places like New York and Los Angeles, together with a presence on the web, Pleasure Chest has been nominated for a 2015 AVN Award for Best Small Retailer. These people even have classes to help you improve your “sex IQ”.  (Register early, as places are limited). It’s a mind-boggling adult toy, DVD’s, and kinky stuff kind of place. You could probably order Kris’s little head dress online. We wonder who’s pulling her leash these days.


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